Today, change is no longer glacier - change is volcanic. The question is: are you changing fast enough to stay relevant amidst a digital revolution?

The Silicon Valley Tour takes you to the heart of the action - the most competitive business environment on the planet.

Here, you will experience Fortune 500 companies and startups that are in the midst of shaping tomorrow’s super-businessmodels.  During the 4 days of intense learning and networking in Silicon Valley you will have the opportunity to visit some of the worlds most innovative companies, as well as connect with radical thinkers.


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Program Outline

During the 5 days of intense learning, workshopping and networking, we will zoom in on 3 specific topics:


Innovative organizations

What defines the frontrunners when it comes to organisational developments? What tools, processes and culture do they use to create the worlds most innovative organisations? We take a deep dive at some of the hottest start-ups of Silicon Valley to learn how digitalisation changes how we work and communicate.


Trending technology

Which technologies will radically impact the way we conduct business? What tech is driving investments in product/service development in 2019? We take you behind the scenes of leading tech companies to learn about the next waves of change.


Disruptive business models

What’s going to be the next digital disruption? What does the next generation of successful business models look like? You will get specific insights and tools on how to disrupt your own industry.


“A thrilling journey into the tech environment and fail-fast culture of Silicon Valley which Denmark could learn a lot from”

- Karsten Rask Mikkelsen
Commercial Director, AFA JCDecaux

DKK 32.500 (NOK 42.000) (USD 4.900)

DKK 60.000 (NOK 78.000) (USD 9.150)

All prices are ex VAT.

4 Days Tour

Workshops, networking events, speaker fees, guides and transport around the Valley. 

4 Days Tour (Bring a friend - 2 tickets)

Workshops, networking events, speaker fees, guides and transport around the Valley. 

What’s included?

See what it’s all about (VIDEO 1min)

“With Innovation Lab’s inside connections to the right people you will meet, share and gather new experiences with the hottest game-changing companies in Silicon Valley. “
— Camilla Aanensen - CEO Glimt