What’s included?

Workshops, networking events, speaker fees, guides and transport around the Valley.

We can promise you one thing: You will be bombarded with new ideas, thoughts and concepts. We’ll help you craft a “Field notes” and executive summaries with the most important take-aways and learning points, making it easier for you to share your experience when you get back home.

From learnings to actions

The program will feature workshops where we “digest” the insights and turn them into specific actions for each participant.

Meeting like-minded people

During your trip you will get an opportunity to meet a lot of people and if you’re up for it, we’ll make sure to show you some of the buzzing hang-outs in San Francisco and Palo Alto. Here you will be networking with the rest of the crew, participants and keynote speakers.

Note: Specific content may be subject to change

What about cancellations?

Cancellation is possible up until 2 months prior to departure. After that the amount will be invoiced in full.

Will I have my own room?

Yes - however, if are traveling with co-workers or friends we can make arrangements for shared rooms which will lower your accommodation costs.